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Milhouse's 3-legged adventures!

Chemo round 1

July 22nd, 2017 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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 Getting comfy after chemo. 

This is my brother Charlie. He likes to stare at me to make sure I’m ok and cleans my ears a lot.





I am SO proud of my boy! We are 3 days post our first chemo treatment, and he is just acting like his usual self!

I was SO terrified to even do chemo. I had already talked myself out of it before we went to see the oncologist. He was seriously the best. Dr. Vancil at NVS spent at least 45 minutes explaining osteosarcoma, chemo, and everything in between to us. I’ve had doctors that have operated on me before that spent less time with me than he did! He wanted to make sure we talked until I had zero questions. He understood my hesitation about Mo’s quality of life. I told him I’d rather have 4 awesome months than 12 crappy ones. He assured me that if at any point in treatment if I felt like Milhouse was suffering that we could call it quits. So I’m playing it by ear, and so far, so good!

Probably the best info in this visit was regarding his leg break. Dr. Vancil explained that usually dogs with osteosarcoma have pain and begin to limp or favor their hurt leg. Then comes the cancer diagnosis, and then pup parents have to make the agonizing decision regarding amputation. The way everything went with Mo, to my knowledge he wasn’t having leg pain until the break. The break helped us catch the cancer early on, and really the amputation choice was made for us as there was no way to reattach the leg. So we’ve kind of done this whole thing backwards, but I’m grateful.

We go have his white blood cell count checked next week, and if all is going well, we will continue on to treatment 2/5 in a couple of weeks.


Thanks for all who who have shown care and concern through this whole ordeal! We are figuring out our new normal 🙂


Milhouse & his mom

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  • jerry

    SWEEEEET! Glad to hear he knocked down the first chemo. Here’s to more smooth ones ahead. Having an awesome onco vet as you do (and Charlie to keep those ears clean!) makes all the difference in the world. Dr. V sounds pawesome!

    Lookin Good Millhouse! Hope life is good for you this weekend.

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